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Get your groove on with Bump & Grind, a silky silicone vaginal vibrator with 10 shaft functions and 3 speeds of tantalising thumping action. Surrender to the rhythm of ecstasy with the toy’s two independently controlled motors that massage and move against vaginal walls in an irresistible beat.


  • Thumping action in the shaft massages vaginal walls in a seductive rhythm
  • Flexible shaft moves with your body and is tapered for a fuller feeling at the tip
  • Equipped with two powerful motors that can be controlled independently: one with 10 vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns and another with 3 thumping speeds
  • Velvet-soft silicone easily transmits vibration
  • Rechargeable, bath-friendly design—compatible with replacement charger PureCharge USB Cord – A
  • Run time: 90 minutes (low) to 45 minutes (high), charge time: 2.5 hours
  • Insertable length: 6.25 in./16 cm; insertable girth: 4.75 in./12 cm


This product arrives partially charged. Before use, charge completely. To charge product, use USB power adapter provided and insert charging pin into the circular indentation on the back of the toy above CE and waste bin markings. Light will illuminate and flash while product is charging. When product is fully charged, light will stop flashing and remain illuminated. To turn on, push middle power button. Product will vibrate once and LED light will illuminate to indicate product is on and in standby mode. To turn on shaft vibration, push bottom button. To cycle through shaft vibrating speeds and pulsing patterns, push bottom button. To turn off shaft vibration only, hold bottom button for 3 seconds. To turn on thumping function, push top button. To cycle through thumping speeds, push top button. To turn off thumping function only, hold top button for 3 seconds. To turn off toy completely, push middle power button. Light will turn off to indicate the product is off. To preserve battery life, ensure product is turned off when not in use.

Wash before and after each use. For best results, use Cleansing Mist. For full details on using this product, plus more tips for enhancing your intimate life, visit pureromance.com!